Low Mileage Cars under 40,000

Shop our "Under 40K" vehicles: Spend less and get more miles

At Team Kia in Johnstown, PA, we believe the trucks, SUVs and cars in our pre-owned inventory with "40,000 miles and less" represent an exceptional value. Because they've been driven less than other used cars, they're more likely to give you more future miles. Because they're typically our newer used cars, they have many of the same features a new car has but their used-car prices are pretty irresistible. 

Can't tell these pre-owned Kia models from new cars? That's exactly the idea

Our "Under 40K" pre-owned vehicles typically include best-selling SUVs like the Kia Sportage, the Kia Soul and the Kia Sorento. At under 40,000 miles, these pre-owned cars are close enough in age to their brand-new counterparts that they may look almost identical to a new model.  Buyers from Pittsburgh and Greensburg, PA will see the same pattern in our pre-owned Kia sedans like the Kia Forte: Handsome styling with appealing price tags. 

For Kia and many other car brands, styling and features don't usually change a lot from one model year to the next. A classic exterior style might essentially be continued - with minor refreshing - for several years in a row. That's good for new-car buyers because it means their vehicles won't look outdated in a year or two. It's also good for you when buying cars under 40,000 miles because it means these still-young cars can look almost brand-new.

Get new-car features at used-car prices 

Just like styling, tech features like smartphone compatibility or new safety features often carry over from one model year to the next. Once a cutting-edge feature is introduced, whether it's for Kia or another popular brand, that feature will typically stay pretty much the same for several years in a row. So when you buy a pre-owned car, truck or SUV with less than 40,000 miles, you're probably getting many features like those you'd see on a new car.

When you buy a car under 40,000 miles, depreciation is your friend

Throughout the history of new cars, the period with the steepest drop in value is usually the first year of ownership. When you shop for cars in our "Under 40K miles" inventory, you're bypassing that first year of bigger depreciation and making it work for you. Now, when the car is nearly-new or just a few years old, depreciation has discounted the price but because the miles are still low, that car probably has a long life expectancy. 

  A car's past can help predict its future 

While brand new models don't have a history you can research, a used model does. With a car that has less than 40,000 miles, you have what might be a nearly-ideal evaluation opportunity. You can go online to see what kind of repair and reliability record a certain model has based on its past. While a strong history doesn't guarantee future reliability, it can be a good indicator of what's ahead, especially if a vehicle has been well-maintained. 

Find a car you love with less than 40,000 miles 

We invite you to see just how good the values are that we're offering in our pre-owned inventory. Spend a some extra quality time researching our "40K Miles and Under" pre-owned cars and find one that gets your motor running. Then contact us online or by phone and make the short drive from Altoona PA for a test drive. We predict you'll be driving home in a beautiful bargain right after you visit us at Team Kia in Johnstown, PA. 

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