What is the Danger Involved with Oversteer?

Oversteer happens when the rear of the vehicle slips from the direction the driver is steering and flairs toward the outside of the corner causing the car to face the inside of the curve. Some drivers enjoy the oversteer and employ the tactic when they can—it is called “drifting.” Like most thrill rides, the oversteer maneuver is dangerous and not recommended in any car.

When intentionally oversteering, you are surrendering control of a ton or more of metal, plastic, cloth, and rubber. These products do not know to stop when approaching someone on the streets of Johnstown. When you surrender your control of so much weight, you are putting yourself and others in danger—no matter how great it looks in the movies.

However, to avoid oversteer at high speeds, you can bring your vehicle to Team Kia and have your suspension adjusted for such activity.

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