An Overheated Car Engine Can Be Disastrous

Overheating doesn't just cause inconveniences for drivers. A car can be totaled if overheated. Experts on Quora point out the aluminum in an engine runs the risk of thermal expansion. Being aware of what causes overheating allows you to take steps to keep your car from being outright ruined.

Coolant -- formerly known as anti-freeze -- regulates the temperature in a vehicle. Or rather, the proper amount does. If coolant levels shrink, there won't be enough of the fluid to keep the engine cool. A loose radiator cap could lead to a loss of fluid. Be sure to have coolant levels checks routinely.

The outright failure of the coolant system also leads to overheating. The coolant system reflects several different parts working harmoniously together. If one part fails, the entire coolant system may be compromised. Fixing or replacing a damaged part should set things straight.

Don't take any matters with an overheated engine lightly. Come down to our service center at Team Kia in Johnstown, PA so we can diagnose the problem and then fix it.

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