Checking Out the Pros and Cons of Tonneau Covers

Our crew at Team Kia wanted to share with you all the advantages of having a Tonneau Cover installed on your truck bed.

The Tonneau Cover works like a protective barrier that is going to extend the life of the bed by keeping the weather from damaging that surface. If you are constantly hauling things in the back of the truck, you won't have to worry anymore about things disappearing. Keep your fishing tackle, camping gear, or work clothes, all in the bed under the Tonneau Cover and locked away.

Watch your fuel mileage get a boost after having the Tonneau Cover installed on the back of your truck. You'll have one issue with the Tonneau Cover when hauling bigger things. You will need to take the cover off if you need that extra room.

Be sure to follow-up with our service center at Team Kia so we can keep the rest of your truck running smoothly all year.

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