The Importance of Car Wax

Car wax is made using carnauba oil, palm oil, hydrocarbons or silicones blended with oils and solvents to make them pliable. Waxing your vehicle is necessary to create a protective barrier between the vehicle's finish and environmental elements. Pollution, road debris, UV rays and water can all damage the clear coat if not sufficiently prevented from contacting the clear coat. Waxing also decreases the need to wash the vehicle.

Instead of traditional soap and water washes, simply use snow foam and rinse. Any water that makes contact with a waxed vehicle merely beads up and rolls off. Wax also camouflages the microscopic scratches that commonly occur to provide a shimmering finish. Manufacturers typically recommend that you wax the vehicle after washing or three times during the year. When wondering what type of wax is the best, consult with a technician at Team Kia.

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