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Types of Regular Service That Will Keep Your Kia Running Smoothly

You may have just bought your Kia and want to give it the best start. Perhaps you've already had yours for a few years. No matter how long you've had your vehicle, it's never too late to come up with a good maintenance schedule that covers all the important tasks. Whether you're driving the roads of Johnstown, PA every day for work, want to go on a long road trip or just need your car for the occasional errand, we can keep your Kia performing at its best at Team Kia.

Beneficial Engine Services

If you treat your engine well, you'll get a consistently high level of performance from your car in Pittsburgh and avoid common causes of breakdown. Having your oil changed is not only one of the most vital maintenance tasks you can do for your engine, but it's also one of the best things you can do to extend your entire vehicle's overall longevity. That's because clean oil keeps engine parts from wearing down prematurely by removing sources of abrasion like metal burrs and dust. If your Kia is new, it will come with a special oil that breaks in a new engine and needs prompt changing after 500 miles or so.

Regular battery inspections and replacement when it's time for a new one will help you avoid the dreaded dead battery when you least expect it. Today's batteries last longer than ever, but you'll want to be proactive in having it inspected, especially if you notice any oddities with your electrical systems, like dull headlights or difficulty starting your vehicle.

Tire Maintenance

Get the most enjoyment out of driving on Ebensburg's roads with properly inflated and rotated tires. If they're left too long in one position or have too much or too little air, they'll wear at an uneven rate and be prone to leaks. You can check your tread level and pressure yourself or bring your vehicle to your technician for an inspection.

Braking System Repair

You don't want to be driving in Altoona and experience brake failure. Your brakes operate via a hydraulic system, which can leak or take on air over time, causing a drop in performance. Your brake pads can also wear down, although they announce this with a shrill squeaking that leaves no mistaking the source. Regular inspections will help to avoid brake problems by catching them early.

Transmission Services

Never ignore warning lights on your dashboard. A message to check your engine may be all the warning you'll get that something's wrong with the transmission before serious symptoms appear. Low transmission fluid from a leak is the most common problem, but you might also hear a grinding noise while driving that indicates a problem with the bearings. Slipping gears are an indication of bigger issues. Routine transmission maintenance will likely be a change of transmission fluid every 70,000 miles or so.

Collision Repair and Parts Replacement

We hope you never get into a fender bender in Somerset, but if you do, your vehicle will be in good hands at Team Kia. We specialize in collision repair and use quality Kia parts for simple maintenance as well as for complicated repairs. When you need a replacement part, sourcing it from the original manufacturer gives you access to better materials and a more precise fit than generic, third-party replacements.

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At Team Kia, we always offer the highest quality parts we can so that your Kia is returned to the condition it was in when it left the showroom. If you want the best technicians in Johnstown and money-saving coupons for repairs, look no further than Team Kia. Contact us to schedule a service appointment today.

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