Learn the Difference Between the Types of Winter Tires

Practicing safe driving habits during the winter months in Johnstown, PA will lessen the risk of accidents, but it's also important that your vehicle is equipped with the right components. Winter tires provide you with improved traction, but you'll need to know which type is best for your vehicle, and we can help at Team Kia.

Studdable tires are equipped with metal studs and have an aggressive tread pattern. The studs are removable, and when they're in use, you'll have to deal with more noise. These tires are banned in some states, and most states only permit them during the winter.

Studless ice and snow tires are made to handle the harshest winter conditions. These tires provide you with enhanced traction on the snow, ice, and slush. These tires are beneficial because provide you with good handling on clear roads. Those with performance vehicles may want to consider performance snow and ice tires. These tires improve traction and offer impressive open-road capabilities.

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