What are Blind Spot Monitoring Systems?

Vehicles are now equipped with innovative safety features that offer outstanding protection. One of the most popular safety features available is a blind spot monitor. At Team Kia, we have a goal to keep our Johnstown, PA consumers informed about our vehicles, so let's learn more about a blind spot monitor.

A blind spot monitor works by using radar-based sensors to monitor for vehicles that enter a driver's blind spot zones. If a vehicle enters the driver's blind spot, then the system will warn the driver to stay in his/her lane. Most blind spot monitors issue visual and audible alerts and many of them issue visual alerts that appear as flashing icons on the side view mirrors.

Why are blind spot monitors so popular? They significantly reduce the risk of accidents. According to the IIHS, blind spot monitors are responsible for 23 percent less lane-change collision injuries and 14 percent less lane-change collisions.

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