The Incredible World of Android Auto

Android Auto changes the way people interact with technology when they drive. The days of hitting buttons on a cassette player are over. With the Android system set up in a car, drivers and passengers can access Google features and more.

The audio capabilities connected to Android Auto make driving relaxing, entertaining, and even informative. Access media apps through your smartphone. Once connected through the USB port, you can operate the smartphone and apps in a hands-free manner. The hands-free aspect should appeal greatly to those who don't want to remove their grip from the steering wheel.

Of course, you may also access apps besides ones associated with playing audio files. Make phone calls through the system or ask the device to read your text messages. Stay in the communication loop with others.

Find out how a vehicle handles on the road through taking one on a test drive in Johnstown, PA. One of the models at Team Kia could also allow you to see how Android Auto works as well.

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