When to Use 4L and 4H on Your Four-Wheel Drive System

Does your vehicle have a four-wheel-drive system? If it does, you may wonder when to use 4H and when to use 4L, and we can help at Team Kia in Johnstown, PA. Read further to find out how to make the most of your four-wheel-drive system.

4L is the low-range four-wheel drive mode that is designed for tough driving situations. With this setting, more torque is applied to the grip of the tires so that you get more traction. When you're driving in 4L, it's best to keep your speed low because of the additional torque. This setting comes in handy when your climbing rocks, treading through water and driving on icy roads.

Most drivers choose 4H when they need more traction because they can drive at faster speeds. With 4H, you can reach 55 mph while sufficient torque is being sent to all four wheels for a better grip than two-wheel drive.

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