Proper Detailing Techniques for Car Interiors

When you live in Johnstown, PA and are looking to detail the interior of your car or truck, Team Kia can provide assistance. Taking a few steps to clean the interior of your vehicle can leave it looking and feeling like it's brand new.

To properly detail a vehicle, it's important to get to all of the hard-to-reach spots. Using a spoke brush with a towel wrapped around it can get the dirt that accumulates between the front seats and the console. Moving seats back and forth can make it easier to access the floor that's underneath them.

For dirty carpets, consider using a hot water extractor to give them a deep cleaning. Before doing this, go over all of the carpets with a regular vacuum. By removing loose debris before using the extractor, it'll make the unit more efficient and effective. Pet hair can be removed using a pumice block.

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