Power Behind Pulling Your Camper

A fun activity in the spring and summer months is camping. Before you pull your camper, you need to prepare your vehicle. It's often best to use a truck or an SUV when towing because of the greater amount of horsepower compared to a car.

Visit Team Kia to find out how much your vehicle can safely tow in Johnstown, PA. You don't want to attach a camper that is too heavy or too large for your vehicle and end up causing damage to both vehicles at the same time. You also need to examine the type of hitch that you have on the back of your vehicle as this can sometimes indicate what kind of camper you can tow. You can sometimes get additional hitches to install if needed.

Find a wiring harness that can go on the back of your camper or on the top. The harness offers the electrical components so that other drivers can see the lights on the back of the camper while you're driving.

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