Keep Your Car in Top Condition by Protecting Against Salt Corrosion

One of the hardest things your car faces in the wintertime is corrosion caused by salt on roadways. There are some important tactics that you can employ as a means of protecting against salt corrosion. The specialists at Team Kia can provide you detailed information on protecting against salt corrosion.

A key tactic a motorist in the wintertime needs to undertake to protect against salt corrosion is to regularly wash your vehicle. At a minimum, you should wash your vehicle at least every 10 days. Motorists in Johnstown should avoid utilizing car washes that rely on recycled water. Recycled water is apt to contain corrosive salt.

In addition to washing, another important strategy to prevent salt corrosion is to make sure proper sealants are utilized. This includes waxing your car at least twice a year, if not more frequently.

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