Maintain the Integrity of Your Vehicle's Gaskets

Gaskets provide an important function in helping to keep your vehicle's engine working as expected. Your vehicle has components that could be hurt by continued contact with toxic gases or fluids, and maintaining a proper level of fluids is necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

Gaskets work by providing a tight seal between surfaces to keep fluids and gases contained, prevent contamination with other substances and prevent damage to engine components. Gaskets can be made from thin layers of copper or steel and also from rubber. When a gasket fails, possible warning signs can be white smoke issuing from the tail pipe, an overheated engine or a hissing or bubbling coming from the radiator.

To have your vehicle gaskets checked, bring your vehicle in to Team Kia in Johnstown, PA, and our technicians will provide a thorough check of the gaskets. We cam also provide any other vehicle services you might need.

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