Belts and Hoses Are Important Components of a Vehicle's Engine

The belts and hoses in your vehicle are not designed to last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. These items serve the purpose of delivering fluids to various engine components and providing motion to aid in powering the engine. If they are worn and cracked, problems can develop.

Belts and pulleys help move engine components such as the water pump, fan, air conditioning compressor, valves and pistons, alternator, power steering pump and other important parts. The hoses transport coolants, fuel and other fluids throughout the vehicle's engine. You need to check these items periodically for signs of wear such as cracks, bulges and splitting. Replacing them before they fail will help you save money by avoiding possibly extensive repairs.

In order to keep the belts and hoses in good working condition, you should check them regularly. Bring your vehicle in to Team Kia in Johnstown, PA, and we will service your vehicle for you.

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