Jump Starting Vehicles

Numerous vehicle owners have experienced not being able to start the engine due to a dead battery. Easily solve the dilemma by jump-starting the battery. The front of the other vehicle should be as close to the front end of the stalled vehicle as possible. With both vehicles off and in the park position, open the hoods. Attach the positive end of one cable to the dead battery and the other positive to the assistance vehicle. Repeat the process with the negative cables.

Start the assistance vehicle and let it run for a few minutes. Now, try starting your vehicle. It may need more than one try. However, if after four attempts the vehicle does not start, stop the process. Try checking the connections. Perhaps the battery posts on the dead battery are corroded. After making any necessary adjustments, try again. Have your battery periodically inspected in our service center here at Team Kia before problems strike.


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