How to Make Certain Your Car's Battery Can Hold a Charge

In order to test the battery in your vehicle, you will need a voltmeter and a decent pair of protective gloves and glasses. Open the car hood, turn off the engine, and locate both battery terminals. If there is white corrosion on either battery terminal, use a wire brush to create a clean contact point.

The red cable from the voltmeter will be attached first to the positive end of your car battery securely. Now take the black cable from the voltmeter and place it securely on the negative side of the car battery. When both cables are firmly in place you can turn on the voltmeter. A good battery will return a reading of 12.4 or better. If the voltmeter shows the reading for the battery is 12.2 or worse, the battery is in bad shape and needs to be serviced or be replaced.

Bring your vehicle to Team Kia so we can test the charging system.

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