What's the Easiest Way to Clean Your Headlights?

One of the most common causes of dimmed headlights is that they have become clouded over time. This can lead to lower visibility on the road and pose an increased safety risk if not addressed. That is why we here at Team Kia of Johnstown, PA would like to show you one of the easiest ways to clean your headlights yourself.

Perhaps the most simple method to cleaning your headlights involves nothing more than a wet cloth and toothpaste. Simply place some toothpaste of the cloth and rub onto the headlight until you notice it is becoming clearer. You can then use water to wipe the remaining paste off of the headlight. This technique typically works best on plastic headlights but it can work on glass headlights as well and will not damage either type.

If you have any additional questions about how to clean your headlights or would like to schedule a service appointment of any kind feel free to give us a call or stop on by Team Kia located in Johnstown today!

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