Signs of Headlight Damage

Your headlights play an important role in your vehicle's overall safety. They help you see in low-light situations and make sure that you're visible to other drivers. Unfortunately, headlights are susceptible to damage. We here at Team Kia want you to be an informed vehicle owner. Here are some signs that you need to invest in headlight service.

One of the most obvious signs of damage is a lack of illumination. Your lights may go out due to faulty wiring or a busted bulb. Bulbs can be replaced easily. However, wiring issues may require more extensive work.

Headlights are also prone to physical damage. The housing can get cracked during a fender-bender or collision. Road debris can also cause damage. Alternatively, drivers in Johnstown may experience dulling. This occurs over time. The housing can get cloudy and affect the brightness of your headlights. You can get any of these issues fixed by a service professional.

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