Why Use a Clay Bar When Detailing

Have you ever seen the shiniest, cleanest car imaginable? You probably thought they have a really good car wash guy, but the truth is that they could have just used a clay bar. These treatments use a bar made from clay to remain dirt and other dulling contaminants from the surface of your car. These can slowly start to destroy your car's paint.

Some of these contaminants include brake dust, rail dust, and industrial fallout. With a clay bar, you can protect your car from the elements and face the roads knowing your paint is going to last a long time. These pollutants can also penetrate more than the paint of your car. Glass and metal are susceptible to these dangerous corroding materials.

Want to get the clay bar treatment at your next wash? Stop by Team Kia located in Johnstown, PA to get the clay bar service for your vehicle today.

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